A Beginning

Once upon a time - this time, right now - a family decided that they would travel. This is our story.


I was born in Canada and I've been back twice - once for my Grandpa's funeral, and once a couple of years ago for work. I've been to both coasts, and several states in between. I've been through most of them. We've travelled to California several times since we've been married, and really enjoy visiting. I've also discovered that I particularly enjoy travelling, seeing, and exploring our country. I don't really enjoy driving all day for several days in a row, but I do enjoy getting to see new places. Getting to visit New York City and Manhattan was an amazing experience. Getting to walk around all of these famous places, like Wall Street, Battery Park, and Central Park was life changing. I've seen them on so many movies and television, but when you're actually experiencing them there's something different. Now when I see them on movies or TV it's like, "Holy heck! I was there!" That kind of experience is something that I want to do more of. As a remote worker, as long as I have good Internet access, I can do my job. For the last several years, I've felt the call of the road, and a desire to experience more of our country, and share those experiences with my family.


I am a Northern California native. I went to Mexico as a kid, but only the far North. My grandparents always dreamed about traveling the country but they never did. I lived vicariously through TV and movies, always dreaming about visiting the places I saw, but it wasn't until we got married that I started to get to visit places in real life - like the Grand Canyon. Now that I've started, I want to see it all!


We have 5 children, ranging from 4 to 14 years old. We want them to be able to experience our entire country, all the people in it, and more. For the last 8 years we've lived in a small town in rural America. We love the people here, but there is a whole country full of people with different experiences than ours. We want to meet new people and make friends throughout the country, and beyond. We want our children to be great citizens and humans. We feel like experiencing the country firsthand is the best way to be able to do that. We've been homeschooling for five years, and when we've discussed history, it seems like it's abstract for our children. By visiting the places where it happpened, we hope that the history of our country will be more meaningful. We also know that experiencing different cultures will help better prepare our children for the future.

The Move

In a couple of weeks, we're starting our first steps on this journey. We have some friends who are moving out of the country, and we'll be renting their house while we try to sell ours. We plan on using that place as our launch pad. It's about 200 meters from Wayne's parent's house, so as we continue to pare down our belongings so we can travel light, whether that's in an RV or staying in VRBOs, we can decide what things we need to keep, and what we need to Marie Kando out of our lives. We plan to keep updating this with photos and articles on our journey. Won't you wander with us for a while?

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